Can I skip the padding in my carpet installation?

Can I skip the padding in my carpet installation?

Padding is an essential addition to your carpet installation, providing both comfort and protection for your chosen floor covering. Leaving it out of the equation may save you some money upfront but will likely wind up costing you big time in the end.

Carpet padding makes the significant differences

The padding adds comfort that you can feel when you step out onto your new flooring. This softness adds comfort and aids in noise suppression and heat retention in those cold months.

However, it does much more than make your chosen flooring feel better underfoot. It helps your flooring reach its intended lifespan by ensuring that it never bunches, balds, or wears out prematurely.

It can also help to keep your seams connected, prevent rippling, and ensure the best appearance for many years to come. It’s well worth it to ensure this process is not skipped but choose the best padding possible for your flooring.

Carpeting offers a lifespan that can range from five years to over thirty, depending on the options, materials, and warranties you choose. Be sure to protect it with padding you can trust.

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