Hardwood floors increase home value

Hardwood floors increase home value

Install wood floors in your home, and you're sure to attract home buyers when it comes time to sell. Hardwood has been a homeowner's favorite for decades, and the preference for this classic flooring material remains strong today.

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A survey conducted by The National Association of Home Builders asked homebuyers to rank 175 features according to how essential they are to their home-purchasing decision. Hardwood flooring was among the top ten features.

Very light or dark wood is trendy today, and oak remains the wood species most frequently chosen by homeowners.

Flooring producers

Over 60 percent of wood flooring manufacturers anticipate an increase in demand for white oak flooring, according to a recent survey by Hardwood Floors magazine.

Trending red oak is lighter in color than white oak. Its pinkish hues blend well with most room decor. Maple, hickory, and walnut are additional wood species that are fashionable.

Real estate agents

Real estate agents are quick to note the popularity of wood flooring. According to a survey conducted by the National Wood Flooring Association, the overwhelming pro's opinion is that

homes with hardwood floors are easier to sell.

And these homes sell for more money than identical homes without wood floors. In addition, the return on investment for a wood flooring upgrade is high.

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