What’s the best way to choose hardwood flooring?

What’s the best way to choose hardwood flooring?

Wood flooring offers a natural beauty that instantly up-levels a space and raises property values.

It's not a matter of only choosing a color. There are many factors to consider; here's a guide to help simplify the process.

Which version do you want?

Solid hardwood is one thickness throughout. Engineered hardwood is layered.

Engineered's combination of genuine wood and a bit of resin makes it more stable. In addition, the layers are placed in a crosswise position to give them excellent stability.

Both look similar on the surface. Look at samples in our hardwood flooring company.

Please note both can be refinished and add value to a property.

Do you have a particular grain pattern in mind?

Logs are cut three ways. First, plain-sawn cuts have little peaks called "cathedrals."

Rift-sawn cuts have long, linear grains. Quartersawn is a combination of both, with an iridescent appearance.

On-site vs. factory (or pre) finished

Engineered wood is always factory finished. Many prefer this because they immediately know what they are getting. There's also no mess or odor with which to contend.

Solid hardwood flooring can be finished either on-site or at the factory. In addition, there is a greater variety of sheens, making many feel they have more control.

Think about plank width

Wider planks are trending. They can visually enlarge a room or make it look cluttered. Random or mixed-width floors offer the "best of both worlds."

Nova Scotia wood flooring store offers both quality & comfort

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